A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

Year 2522. A strange asteroid has hit the Moon. Scientists have named this asteroid "X-Matter", but no one knows exactly what it is made of.

From the impact a strange chemical reaction took place on the lunar soil generating a new type of matter: the "L-Matter".

Help Lunaris Inc. to to collect the precious "L-Matter"!


Use Left and Right arrow keys to move, or touch left and right area of the screen.

Made with libGDX and HyperLap2D: https://github.com/rednblackgames/HyperLap2D

Install instructions

Java 14 is required for desktop version


LunarisInc-0.0.1.jar 16 MB
android-debug.apk 5 MB


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Cool game. Tad bit difficult to control but easy to understand and play

graphics are extremely clean. physics is good. Not easy to release the correct propulsor when upside down, that's cool. It's really close to propose some nice discovery challenge.  (like collect maximum gem without touching asteroids in a given time... ) Nice effort totally  in line with the theme!

Nice idea. A bit hard to control until i get used. But i really like it. Nice graphics and physics by the way.

Thanks :)